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The Wind Power Tower in Raymond, WI

10 Kilowatts grid-tied...

a TDL Electronics project

 In September, 2005, we adedd a wind generator to our solar system to provide clean green power when the sun isn't shining.

  Please consider even a small system of your own. 
Every little bit helps and we should use our natural energy resources whenever we can.

Contact us for more information.

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The Rebar Cage about to be dropped
into the 36" W x 12' L x 12' D hole

Sitting in the hole after being set down by a backhoe

The bottom is filled with concrete

An ariel view from 34' up in a bucket truck
just after 3 holes were dug

The Komatsu excavator with a brand new 36"
bucket digs the north hole

Here is what a 6200-pound 120 foot tower
looks like before assembly...

The 2006 Energy Statistics Report
featuring our system on the cover.

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