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Industrial Controls & CNC Circuit Board repairs.

Axis Drive
Spindle Drive
Power Supply
Position Display
Industrial Controls


You can (mail-in) your boards for service. Call us for a quick quote.

TDL Electronics repairs FANUC controls

Fanuc circuit boards

CPU, I/O, and Servo boards

Spindle Drives and Power Supplies

We are competetive and FAST !

About Us

Founded in 1985, TDL Electronics services electronics products for industry and manufacturers. Controls, control systems, PC board repairs and custom safety design of control panels are our specialties. We repair circuit boards of all kinds, and we design circuits and layout circuit boards for your specific needs. We develop interfaces to allow persons with disability to control their environment without assistance.   If you have an application in mind, let us help you.


TDL Electronics performs these services:

On-site Service Calls within 100-miles of Racine County, Wisconsin

Repair of CRT displays for CNC machines and other industrial users

Repair Services for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Repair of PC (circuit) boards for all types of industries

Repair of drives for axis or spindle motors

Repair of Power supplies of all kinds

UPS or Fed-X your equipment from ANYWHERE for QUICK turn-around


Machine safety inspection: pre- or post-OSHA

Accident investigation and prevention

Modification or relocation of controls

Accomodations for operators with disability

Contact us with your technical questions! ...

(414) 322-1255

9209 Hwy K  Franksville, WI 53126-9596

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CNC and Industrial Controls Repair

Safety Page

About TDL Electronics

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