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Photo of Tom with Tower and Solar Panels

At TDL Electronics, we practice what we preach.  All electricity  we use is produced on site
and most of it is sold to the power company  through a meter that turns backwards nearly all 
the time.Cool, huh? You can do this  too.  Ask us how you can make it happen in your home
or business.  Many rebates and tax incentives will help with the funding of your project. Invest 
in our future  Be kind to Mother Earth.

A cool  Portable power  source with  battery, cigarette lighter outlet, house current and a SOLAR PANEL  for $135

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Newspaper  Green Guide   has a link back to our mainpage and a video of Tom

Focus on Energy    will  help with the money thing, rebates loans and  site surveys.   They helped us, too.

DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives

The Horse's Mouth:     US Department of Energy

Calculate  your  Carbon Footprint

Be  one of the Million Solar Roofs

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